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ANTT International Conference

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October 25th

Circle Health Group become the first Private Sector Organisation to gain Gold Accreditation across hospitals nationally. 

Circle Health Group achieved Gold ANTT Accreditation across over 50 hospitals nationally! This is an incredible achievement and demonstrates the Groups commitment to patient safety. 

News & Events

Association of Vascular Access - Annual Conference 

Denver, Colorado USA - 27th September 2024

ANTT® Pre-Conference Workshop

This 4hr educational and practical workshop is hosted by AVA and the originator of ANTT – Stephen Rowley and co-author to many ANTT publications Simon Clare.

Learn about ANTT and how to perform Competency Assessment

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ANTT®: The Clinical Standard

for aseptic technique - Infusion

Standards 2024

We are delighted to see ANTT included as an Infusion Standard in the 2021 Infusion Standards. 

The INS Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice are a world renowned leader in providing clinical guidance based on graded evidence review. They are updated 3 yearly and this is hot off the press and will help inform related guidance globally.  

As in 2021 we had opportunity to help editorially with this edition and were in awe of the international expert editorial team. The amount of work this panel do in ensuring the Standards are as useful and effective as they are, is nothing less than extraordinary. 

A new ANTT® Procedure Guideline for Port-A-Cath access

We have enjoyed working with the legendary Vascular Access Team at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Hospital Trust - on a new ANTT Procedure Guideline for Port-A-Cath insertion. 

Sarah Melville, Adam Grosvenor and Gemma Reid attended an online ANTT Rapid Clinic with us to discuss whether the procedure should be Surgical-ANTT or Standard-ANTT. Following a practical demonstration by the team the consensus was for a  Surgical-ANTT approach. 

To download a copy click on the guideline.

For a free full set of ANTT Procedure Guidelines just get in touch

A Collaboration to help improve the management of intravenous devices & urinary catheters

We are pleased to be collaborating with BD and specialist  organisations on this important initiative. For further information please click below


AVA: Association for Vascular Access recommend ANTT® with Position Statement

AVA is one of the largest vascular access organisations globally. We are delighted to be collaborating with AVA with the goal of supporting improvement in patient safety and outcomes. Click on the publication to download


ANTT® Confirmed as the standard

aseptic technique in the NHS

The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice (ASAP) performed a survey of all NHS Trusts in England & Scotland using the Freedom of Information Process. NHS Trusts were asked to report on the requirements of the Health & Social Care Act 2008/2015, regards having a single standard aseptic technique, demonstrable by education, training, assessment and audit. 


92% of Trusts in England and 100% in Scotland responded to the information request. 88% of NHS Trusts in England stipulated ANTT as being their single standard aseptic technique and in Scotland 56%. This increased to 73% when ANTT was included in combination with another aseptic technique. 

NHS Trusts that implemented ANTT were shown to have improved clinical governance of aseptic technique with higher prevalence of education, training, assessment and auditing of standards. 

Download full text by clicking on the article

Rowley, S., Clare, S (2020) British Journal of Nursing (29) 16 p924-932


We are delighted to announce that ANTT has been officially adopted by the Algerian Ministry of Health as ‘The recommended aseptic technique of reference for all the country's health establishments’. 

New national guidelines for infection prevention infections during care procedures, include a comprehensive French translation of the ANTT Practice framework and a wide range of ANTT Procedure Guidelines.

For further information

please click here 

ANTT is adopted Nationally by the Algerian Ministry

for Health

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