ANTT® is ultimately for the safety of patients 

(& is commonly used by patients too) 

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Sorry, we are currently working hard to completely redesign our resource for educating patients in ANTT. Once finished, polished and proudly displayed, it will be freely available directly from this page. 

Concerned?        Have a question?         Curious?          Need advice?

We sometimes receive concerns regarding aseptic technique or ANTT and requests for advice - which we happily provide. 

Usually, this relates to the confusion in terms and practice that patients, especially patients that share care between different centres, experience. Naturally, variability in practice can cause some anxiety. 

Concerns sometimes relate to the standard of practice experienced and patients aren’t quite sure what is safe and what isn’t. 

Increasingly, we receive questions from patients performing self care procedures at home. Again, we are happy to provide advice and support.

Need advice?

If you have any concerns or questions regards clinical procedures you are receiving and aseptic technique (infection prevention), then please do feel welcome to get in touch.

Just get in touch  if you’d like this poster in high quality pdf form. Or an editable version to which you may add your organisational logo too