ANTT® is used in all healthcare sectors & settings

ANTT’s logical, and easy to understand principles, are demonstrated by the wide range of healthcare settings it is now utilised in everyday around the world. From the controlled settings of acute hospitals to humanitarian, ambulance and military settings, ANTT shows its adaptability and flexibility. When healthcare workers are educated effectively in ANTT, they are better prepared to deliver safe aseptic practice in even the most difficult of situations, to the benefit of patients. Click on the boxes below to learn more about ANTT and our work in different care settings..

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ANTT Hospital Care

ANTT Community/Home Care

ANTT Paramedic/Ambulance Care

ANTT Military Care

ANTT Humanitarian Care

ANTT® is designed & used for all invasive procedures

It’s important to note that ANTT is designed and used for all invasive procedures - from major surgery to simple maintenance of indwelling medical devices. To be efficient as well as safe, the ANTT Practice Framework incorporates two approaches to maintaining asepsis and includes a simple risk assessment for determining the most appropriate approach for any given procedure.

Typical Standard-ANTT clinical procedures:

  • Uncomplicated wound care
  • Peripheral and central intravenous medication
  • Preparation & administration
  • Peripheral cannulation
  • Blood Culture Collection
  • Venepuncture
  • Intermittent urinary catheterisation
  • Emptying a urinary catheter bag

Typical Surgical-ANTT clinical procedures:

  • Surgery
  • Complicated wound care
  • Central intravenous line insertion
  • Urinary Catheterisation
  • Spinal epidural