Implementing ANTT®

ANTT® is designed to be introduced into small teams, hospitals, community

care services and is increasingly implemented nationally

Annual Conference - October 2022 



How is ANTT best implemented?

Whether implementing ANTT into a small team or a large organisation, the process is the same, and is relatively straightforward  

ANTT Implementation is a quality assurance initiative involving 5 stages. Starting with the planning, and leading to a launch, staff education, and assessment. Thereafter periodically, standards of ANTT are monitored by audit. 

It sounds easy of course on a website. How effective the initiative is will depend on some key success factors (See related publication):

  • Support from high level leadership. (Ideally executive level)
  • Having a dedicated Project Lead.
  • Preparing well, by looking at important factors such as equipment and the clinical working areas that support aseptic procedure preparation areas. 
  • Getting in touch with us will help make things easier - but isn’t essential

Download ANTT Implementation Guidance by clicking on the guide below: