ANTT is the de-facto international standard for aseptic technique 

It is used in over 30 countries variously. We gauge this number approximately, based on the ANTT activity we monitor in publications, on our website and via our international enquiries. 

In some countries (like England) ANTT adoption has been ‘organic’, on request from individual centres. In England, adoption of ANTT as a ‘single standard’ is now at 81% of all ‘NHS Trusts’ in the National Health Service. This rises to 91% when combination approaches are included. In the last few years there has been a steady increase in Governments mandating ANTT at national level. (The latest country being Algeria).

What is going to be in this section?

In this section, ‘Global ANTT’, we are going to publish more retrospective and current accounts of international adoption of ANTT. Please bare with us, as this will be a steady work in progress. It won’t be exhaustive, but will give readers a better idea of the work the ASAP is involved with directly and ANTT developments that are just as notable, but independent of us.

We are going to start with pages on Algeria, Romania, America, Wales and Australia. Then have a coffee and carry on…. 

‘I would like you to feature our work in our country’

Excellent, just get in touch and tell us about it. We enjoy nothing more.