Why a single international standard for aseptic technique with ANTT improves patient safety

Aseptic Technique is a critical clinical competency. Patients are protected more effectively when health care professionals & health care organisations around the word, practice to the same set of principles & rules using the same ’practice language’. ANTT is now established as this single standard, and is used in over 30 countries variously… and growing. 

Standardised care improves safety by: 

  • Reducing problematic clinical practice variability
  • Providing a solid & important foundation for education, training and competency assessment that is common worldwide
  • Enabling more meaningful conversations between practitioners, health care organisations industry and patient
  • Enables more effective practice research. Findings can be shared more easily and effectively


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ANTT® helps create & support mindful flexible practitioners - not robots

The ANTT Clinical Practice Framework teaches the essential principles of safe aseptic technique - so that these principles can be applied to any clinical procedure in any setting, and be adapted when circumstances arise. This is why we teach a foundation ANTT®Competency

A multi-modal approach

Complimenting the ANTT® Practice Framework, standardized ANTT®Procedure Guidelines provide more prescriptive guidance for the most common clinical procedures. Probably, for their simplicity, these have proved incredibly popular and are used widely worldwide. They can be freely adapted to reflect local infection prevention policy and identified with an organisation logo. 

ANTT® - Connecting

best practice worldwide with a single standard aseptic technique

Across the world in all health care settings, healthcare workers using ANTT® are practicing aseptic technique to a single standard and communicating a common practice language. The benefits of this single international standard to patient safety are as obvious as they are profound.

Improved Clinical Governance for Healthcare Organisations

ANTT provides healthcare organisations with the necessary foundation to educate and train staff in this critical clinical competency. It enables organisations to more effectively monitor practice standards and to take remedial action where required, all combined, supporting reductions in healthcare associated infection.