ANTT® Clinical Practice Framework

A comprehensive framework for safe and efficient aseptic technique - 

and fast developing international standard

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For a free and full copy of the newly updated ANTT Clinical Practice Framework (2024) please just get in touch. The framework is founded on a set of robust principles and practice rules, that support health care workers to provide safe and versatile aseptic technique to patients in any clinical or care setting. ANTT is designed for all clinical procedures - from major surgery to the care of indwelling medical devices.

ANTT is based on an original and unique concept termed ‘Key-Part and Key-Site Protection’. Procedure Key-Parts and Key-Sites are established and maintained as aseptic by a combination of Standard Precautions, non-touch technique, Critical and General Aseptic Fields. To be efficient as well as safe, there are two types of ANTTApproach, with a single aim of asepsis; Surgical-ANTT and Standard-ANTT. These are illustrated below. Notice, how even though very different in approach, they share the same 6 essential elements.