What is Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT®)?

  ANTT® was originated by Stephen Rowley in the 1990‘s. By demand, it has become the de facto international standard for aseptic technique.


        ‘ANTT® is a specific type of aseptic technique with a unique theory

        and practice framework (NICE 2012)’.

The ANTT Model for safe aseptic technique


The ANTT® Clinical Practice Framework teaches the essential principles and process of aseptic practice by the unique approach of ANTT. Notably, it is intended for all clinical procedures...‘From surgery to community care’.

ANTT® Procedure Guidelines help health care organizations reduce practice variability by standardizing practice with ANTT®. These simple but powerful posters are displayed in clinical areas and are used widely internationally.

ANTT® is typically implemented using the standard ANTT® Implementation Programme. The programme supports organizations to implement ANTT robustly and efficiently thus maximizing patient safety.

  ...used internationally to protect people from health care associated infection

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