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Prior to the origination of ANTT by Rowley (2001), there was no standard approach to aseptic technique that extended individual health care organizations. Protecting the intellectual property rights of ANTT and it’s trademark will ensure the technique remains explicitly defined and quality controlled. If we failed to do this, ANTT would become just another undefined, multiple meaning and generic term for aseptic technique. As a result, all of the progress made in standardizing aseptic technique with the ANTT model to date would be lost - to the detriment of patients.

The ANTT project strikes a balance between dissemination and protection of intellectual property. For example, core ANTT Resources such as all ANTT Clinical Guidelines and audit tools are disseminated freely to help standardize and support best practice. ANTT intellectual property is protected in order to protect the theoretical/practice framework from ad hoc, unauthorized changes - and ultimately in the best interests of patient safety.


Intellectual property ©

Aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT®) intellectual property remains the property of www.antt.org in accordance with UK and international law. It can be used freely by practicing health care professions and health care organizations without permission as long as the purpose is not commercial or publication based (including ANTT dedicated e-learning development) and if the principles laid down in the ANTT Clinical Practice Framework are not altered. e.g. ANTT principles can be applied locally to guidelines etc to reflect local procedures and policy. For guidance please email; enquiries@antt.org

Commercial companies and overseas organizations should not use the ANTT logo or intellectual property without permission from enquiries@antt.org.

Registered Trademark ®

Trade Mark legislation in the UK consists of Act, Rules and Statutory Instruments, that set out legal rights duties and procedures relating to trade marks. Aseptic Non-Touch Technique ANTT® is a trademark and trading and commercial conditions apply. Health care professionals and healthcare organizations wishing to use the ANTT® logo in non-trading, non commercial matters may do so freely when it is appropriate to signify their adherence to the quality control of the ANTT Project and the Association for Safe Aseptic Practice. But permission must be sought. Please contact enquiries@antt.org.

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