Standardized care is safer care

Health care workers have embraced ANTT® because of the logical approach it has brought to a confused area of clinical practice. Hundreds of health care organizations have embraced ANTT® because of the improved clinical governance afforded by having a single standard aseptic technique for this critical clinical competency. Namely, less HCAI resulting in better outcomes and safer care for patients and reduced costs for healthcare organizations. 

An International Standard Language for aseptic technique

The ANTT® Clinical Practice Framework has been adopted in over 30 countries and it’s reach is continuing to expand. The framework has provided a badly needed international standard language for describing, practicing and researching aseptic technique. The-ASAP works with all levels of healthcare organizations, small or large, and is increasingly working with Governments internationally to introduce ANTT® in large scale ANTT® implementation initiatives.

A multi modal approach

Complimenting the ANTT® Practice Framework, standardized ANTT® Procedure Guidelines support acute and community based healthcare organizations to improve healthcare worker compliance with effective aseptic technique; and thus increase quality assurance in this critical area of infection prevention.

All combined, whether in London, Sydney, Cardiff, Moscow to Washington, healthcare workers using ANTT® are practicing aseptic technique to a single standard and communicating a common practice language. The benefits of this international standard to patients and health care organizations are numerous and profound: It facilitates effective implementation and monitoring of standards and safety. It provides the missing foundation for generalizable research in this critical field. A review of UK ANTT® implementation in 2009 can be found in:

        Rowley S, Clare S (2009) Improving standards of aseptic practice through an ANTT trust-wide implementation

        process: a matter of prioritization and care. British Journal of Infection Prevention 10(1): IV Supplement.

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