ANTT Niche Clinical Guidelines

ANTT Clinical Guidelines are typically produced for the most common clinical procedures as this is most likely to have the greatest effect on standardizing practice and reducing HCAI.

However, niche guidelines can be designed in partnership with health care providers. For example, we have just completed our first dedicated ambulance service clinical guideline (for cannulation) with the London Ambulance Service. We are also currently working with a relief agency in Nepal producing ANTT clinical guidelines that reflect the challenges posed by less than ideal clinical environments and scarce medical supplies.

Locally designed ANTT Clinical Guidelines

We also encourage health care providers to produce their own local niche clinical guidelines based on ANTT principles which are then peer reviewed by the ANTT Peer Review National Network. These guidelines are identified by a modified ANTT logo.

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ANTT / London Ambulance Service

Clinical Guideline for cannulation

ANTT Guideline / Nepal: Wound

care in compromised conditions

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