Implementing ANTT®

ANTT is implemented as an audit cycle. The same simple process can be used for implementing

ANTT across a large hospital or a small team in the community.


Aseptic practice is audited. Results are used to demonstrate

the need for ANTT locally and later for evaluative purposes.


The most effective ANTT implementations are launched

and seen to be led (even if by proxy) by a senior

figurehead such as the CEO or Chief Nurse. Staff are

informed of the initiative and the mandatory

requirement for training.


Staff trained as ANTT trainer(s) oversee the training

of other staff with the support of standard ANTT e-resources,

often viewed via a local intranet.


The local ANTT trainer(s) will assess the knowledge

and practice of staff. (Knowledge can also be tested via e-learning).


    Once a standard aseptic technique is achieved with ANTT, compliance is much

    more easily monitored, and can be done so using standard ANTT audit tools.









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