The ‘ANTT-Effect’

The ‘ANTT-effect’ is the improvement that can be demonstrated in aseptic practice, pre and post ANTT implementation across any given staff group or organization. A number of UK hospitals have also demonstrated an ANTT-effect by mapping standard infection surveillance data before and after ANTT implementation. 

Typically, a robust ANTT implementation programme will improve clinical practice significantly in the practice and management of aseptic practice. As a result, ANTT has been shown to support the reduction of hospital acquired infection.

    Rowley S, Clare S (2009) Improving standards of aseptic practice through an ANTT trust-wide implementation

    process: a matter of prioritization and care. British Journal of Infection Prevention 10(1): IV Supplement

The evidence question

The ANTT project is committed to generating a robust evidence base for ANTT and aseptic practice generally. Parallel to this, health care organizations committed to providing safe patient care are advised to generate evidence demonstrating their clinical workforce is practicing a standard aseptic technique based on an explicitly defined practice framework.

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