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Advice, partnership, evaluation

Health Care Leaders

ASAP/ANTT advises health care organizations and Government agencies internationally on aseptic technique.

Health Care Providers

The ANTT initiative has advised and continues to advise hundreds of hospitals, hospices, community care organizations and specialist providers such as the London Ambulance Service. This is managed directly and facilitated by publication, national conferences, dissemination of training resources and ANTT clinical guidelines. 

Health Education

Educating health care workers as pre-graduates enables them to commence work effectively trained in ANTT with the added benefit of talking a standard practice language. ANTT provides all of its educational resources free of charge to educational health care organizations on request. 


The ASAP recognize that well designed medical devices and products can significantly support effective aseptic technique. The-ASAP therefore freely advise commercial companies on practice issues and product design. The-ASAP also formally evaluate medical products on request - regards the products suitability and promotion of effective aseptic technique. The-ASAP doesn’t have, and doesn’t intend to have, any shares in medical companies or financial interests in the sale of any medical products.

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