The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice is a non profit non governmental organization (NGO). Donors wishing to support the ongoing development & dissemination of core ANTT resources or research study may donate through The ANTT Fund, UCLH Charity, registered charity number 229771.

ANTT® is a collaborative initiative

ANTT is a collaborative health care initiative. The design and peer review team spans public and private health care sectors and draws from the expertise and enthusiasm of numerous expert health care professionals.

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Ineffective standards of aseptic technique are a significant cause of healthcare acquired infection. The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice (ASAP) works to improve standards of aseptic technique in clinical practice. It oversees the ongoing development and dissemination of Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT), a unique, standardized approach to aseptic practice that has been shown to support the reduction of healthcare acquired infection. As a result, ANTT has become the de facto national standard aseptic technique in England, Australia and Wales and is now used in over 30 countries and is rapidly expanding.


Stephen Rowley

Clinical Director. The-ASAP

The originator of ANTT®. Now the Clinical Director for The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice. Stephen lectures on ANTT internationally.

Simon Clare

Research & Development Director. The-ASAP

Simon Clare is responsible for ANTT audit, research development and publication. A standard ‘before and after’ ANTT Implementation study protocol is available from request. 

  ....the international standard for aseptic technique

‘Improving patient outcomes by developing and disseminating ANTT®, an international standard for aseptic technique’